The Mutant & Masterminds RPG propels you and your friends into a high-octane world of four-color comic book action and adventure! Take on the role of brave superheroes with fantastic powers and protect the innocent from the evil plans of super-criminals!

This book contains everything you need to create your own superheroes and heroic adventures, including:

Familiar Game Play: Mutants & Masterminds features an innovative game system based on the most popular roleplaying game in the world. Chances are strong you already know how to play!

Countless Powers: With more than 100 sample powers and super-feats and a truly open-ended power creation system, Mutants & Masterminds is ready for anything the comics can throw at it.

Easy-Access Slugfests: Build your champion from scratch or select one of twelve ready-to-play hero archetypes that get you right into the game. Will your powers be enough to topple in the infamous Mutants & Masterminds Rogue's Gallery?

Buy the book. Roll the dice. Don the mask. The Innocent Await Their Heroes!

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