The Moonstone is a mysterious alien artifact, created or discovered by the Preservers and left behind in Farside City when they departed Earth’s solar system. It is a fistsized, faceted piece of translucent crystal with a pearly luster that glows softly from inside. The Moonstone is a potentially limitless power-source, and has provided most of the energy needs of Farside City for thousands of years.

The Moonstone is also a powerful psionic amplifier. Its energy can boost the abilities of a psychic through physical contact, and even grant access to abilities they don’t normally have. The mentats of Farside occasionally used the Moonstone to enhance their powers, and held the crystal in trust for the entire community. When Lady Lunar over-threw the royal family, she seized the Moonstone’s power for herself. The Atom Family returned it to the custody of the Farsiders when they, in turn, deposed Lady Lunar. [1]

References Edit

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